15. February 2024

How can companies prioritize their digitalization measures and build a roadmap that considers all structural aspects of a production plant? Here is a way to do it!

When it comes to conceptualizing and conducting digital transformation measures most production sites follow a similar procedure. The task is distributed between several experts which work on it in a separate and uncoordinated way thus producing inefficient and irrelevant solutions with little to no measurable effect. To conduct an efficient and potent transformation companies must pinpoint the most relevant areas and consistently need to invest in their improvement first.

Digital Transformation can turn out differently for each individual production plant. This is because the advantages of digital possibilities strongly depend on the overall characteristics of the plant, its current digital maturity, its cost structure as well as its current capacity utilization. Based on that information, the status quo can be described, and a digitalization strategy can be generated. This paper reveals an approach on the creation of a holistic digitalization roadmap.




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